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J.D. King

J. D. King is a leadership consultant, speaker, and writer known for his three decades of ministry in the Pentecostal-Charismatic Movement.


King grew up in a revivalistic household in Northwest Arkansas. His grandfather was an Assemblies of God pastor and a participant in the Salvation-Healing Revival—sitting under Jack Coe, A. A. Allen, and Oral Roberts. King loved the inexplicable miracle stories.

After attending Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri in the mid-1990s, King was impacted by the escalating revivals. Believers couldn’t stop talking about what was occurring in Toronto and Pensacola. In 1998, he moved to the cornfields of West Central Missouri to be a supporting leader in the Smithton Outpouring. These encounters transformed his heart.

Emerging out of the revival movement, several opportunities arose. In addition to pastoring, King served as the International Director of the Revival Network of Ministries and the Academic Dean at the Revival Training Center. He also developed curriculums, consulted ministry leaders, and traveled as an itinerate speaker.

As a prolific writer, King has contributed articles to Christian publications such as Charisma, Spirit-Led Woman, God TV, and Pneuma Review. His blog posts gained a significant following—with over 1.5 million page views.

King has written several books, including:

  • Shift: Leading in Transition

  • The Beast of Revelation: Unraveling the Mystery

  • Regeneration: A Complete History of Healing in the Christian Church

  • Why You’ve Been Duped into Believing the World is Getting Worse

  • On the Verge of Eternity: Andrew Murray’s Healing Ministry

  • Thunder in the Whirlwind: A Collection of Revival Quotations

  • Healing in History Series (Multiple Volumes) 

  • Bible Word Search: Sixty-Six Scripture Puzzles


In addition to his own works, King has contributed to several other works including: He Sent His Word and Healed Them: Every Healing Scripture, Heavenly Breakthrough: How To Pray Effectively with Steve and Kathy Gray, Perspectives on Hearing God's Voice with the Praying Medic, Faith Healing: Insights from Ethan Otis Allen, the First American Healing Evangelist, and The Lord's Healing Touch with Kathryn Kuhlman.

In 2017, King founded Christos Publishing, a company dedicated to producing superbly researched books informed by a Spirit-led worldview.

King is known for his dedication and passion for the gospel. In addition to other duties, he serves as a pastor at Revive Church in Kansas City. King prays, leads Bible studies, spearheads evangelism efforts, and provides practical guidance to those desiring to grow in their faith.

King and his wife, Bobbie, have been married twenty-seven years, and they reside in Lees Summit, Missouri with their kids. He enjoys spending time with his family.

Christos Publishing

We are committed to creating high-quality, thought-provoking literature that inspires and challenges readers. We distribute works about revival, divine healing, discipleship, leadership, church history, and other relevant topics.

While Christos publishes classic authors like Smith Wigglesworth, Andrew Murray, Kathryn Kuhlman, and Ethan Otis Allen, we also put out works by newer writers like Steve Gray, Frank Di Pietro, Jon Mark Ruthven, Will Riddle, and J.D. King.

Our team is dedicated to producing superbly researched books informed by a Spirit-led worldview.

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