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Watch Out For Windbags: A Warning About Speculations and End-times Paranoia

In the Book of Jeremiah, there's a verse that says, "God’s prophets are all windbags who don’t really speak for him. Let their predictions of disaster fall on themselves!" (Jeremiah 5:13 NLT).

These words seem to echo through the ages—especially in times when voices of doom and gloom dominate our airwaves. People with considerable influence love to peer into the world's darkest corners, prophesying calamity and telling us that our world teeters on the brink of collapse.

It's hard to miss the unsettling patterns that seem to emerge around us. Our once-reliable government and societal institutions appear to waver. The news media and social media platforms also seem to wear their biases on their sleeves. It's undeniable that many things seem to be headed in a discouraging direction, and evil forces seem to be at work in the world.

However, amid all the chaos and noise, we must pause and consider where our attention should actually be in this hour. Churchgoers, and especially leaders, must tread carefully with their words. We need to ensure that our “revelations” aren’t merely us picking up on the “second heaven” plans of the enemy. The church will be at a disadvantage if we are continually reiterating evil’s ambitions and overlook what God is saying.

Certainly, it's essential to understand the enemy's tactics to avoid falling into his snares (2 Corinthians 11). But believers were never called to fixate on his plans. We have a far more vital mission. Believers must shift their focus to what the highest heavens are declaring about our future, not the latest news reports or the prevailing cultural zeitgeist.

In retrospect, think back to the late 1960s and early '70s when many American Christians believed their nation had crossed the point of no return. Amid social unrest and the counterculture movement, leaders didn’t anticipate any revivals or positive change. Their perspective, which was fixated on problems, nearly caused them to miss the Charismatic Renewal and the Jesus People Movement. Just when the American Church thought things were at their worst, Jesus brought a revival.

I understand that today is not 1970, and the paradigms don't necessarily repeat in every generation. Assuming that time is always cyclical can leave people ill-prepared for the unexpected shifts that life brings. So, I understand that societies can reach a breaking point. However, is that genuinely where we stand today?

Are the prophets of our time truly attuned to the Holy Spirit, or are they echoing their own fears and anxieties? Are they genuinely tapping into God's wisdom, or are they projecting their frustrations and discontent? It's easy to point fingers at perceived 'bad actors' and blame them for our troubles while neglecting the problems of our own shortcomings.

Perhaps God's perspective on these matters doesn't align with ours. Maybe we're all a bit guilty of being "windbags"– making a bigger fuss about outside issues than our own selfishness and neglect. Could we be warning about catastrophes that God never intends to let happen?

None of us can say with certainty whether disaster looms on the horizon. But what we can be certain of is that judgment begins at home—within the household of God (1 Peter 4:17).

So, as we peer into an uncertain future, let's first examine our own reflections in the mirror. Are we merely running our mouths, or are we truly reflecting the heart of the Lord? Let's ensure that we're not just another group of windbags.


Jun 01

I really loved that. We may have different views on certain aspects of end times but I do believe we spend way to much time on gloom and doom. I believe a great awakening is gearing up and starting to happen. You have to look hard presently because it won’t be broadcast but it is happening. My personal belief is worse and worse and better and better, at the same time. I won’t take time to explain but Israel is a perfect example.


Jun 01

Nailed it again. one thing I truly appreciate your posts is the fact that you are bold to declare the pure Word, untainted by the opinions of men. .

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