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6 Ways To Operate In Words Of Knowledge

Updated: May 4

Through the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit, Christians can access profound insights previously unknown to them. These revelations can serve as catalysts for prayer or enhance the responsiveness of those for whom prayers are offered.

In 1 Corinthians 12:8, Paul briefly touches on this revelatory engagement, affirming, "The Spirit gives the gift of the word of revelation knowledge."

While Scripture doesn't provide explicit instructions on operating in spiritual gifts, subtle clues can be discerned. Ancient prophets often received divine insights through "pictures" or "sounds," perceiving the things of God in the realm of imagination.

Does God still communicate through our senses today? I firmly believe he does. I've experienced moments when the Lord illuminated my mind with understanding.

Let's explore some contemporary avenues through which people might receive words of knowledge:

  1. Visual Revelation: Sometimes, God communicates by presenting images or scenes in one's mind's eye, prompting action.

  2. Cognitive Insight: Clarity can suddenly dawn on someone, a sudden understanding from heaven.

  3. Spontaneous Utterance: During exhortation, testimony, or prayer, inspired words flow effortlessly, often surprising the speaker themselves.

  4. Written Insight: Seeing letters or words in the mind can also convey a word of knowledge, offering a focal point for engagement.

  5. Sensory Perception: Unusual physical sensations or impressions on the body can also reveal important truths, as God communicates through the natural realm.

  6. Dream Revelation: God can speak through nocturnal visions, infusing them with divine insights.

While receiving words of knowledge can be challenging to process and understand, I urge you to remain open to God's diverse modes of communication. Such encounters have the potential to stir hearts and unlock incredible possibilities.

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