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Pursue Love, But Zealously Desire Spiritual Gifts

Updated: Apr 26

"Pursue love, yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts" (1 Corinthians 14:1). 

You're probably already aware of this, but as a follower of Jesus, you're supposed to zealously pursue love. This is an idea deeply rooted in scripture. I think we all sense that Christians are called to chase after the Lord's heart.

Nevertheless, while we're going hard after love, it's important not to overlook the significance of spiritual gifts. The Bible audaciously proclaims that we should desire for the supernatural to be activated in our lives.

The word "desire" in the original Greek meant:

"To covet earnestly. To be zealous in the pursuit of good.To desire earnestly, pursue earnestly, to strive after. To exert one's self for something.To zealously seek after."

The Apostle Paul's exhortation to earnestly yearn for spiritual gifts contradicts prevailing religious mindsets. I've heard many caution against such a posture, warning that it could lead to a terrible breakdown. Instead of going after the supernatural, believers are often encouraged to seek the “sensible”and “ordinary” operations of the Holy Spirit.

I understand that some churchgoers take things too far. They are overly obsessed with bizarre and sensational things. Nevertheless, most Bible-aligned people don't seem to take things far enough.

Christians are still being invited to a place that most are hesitate to enter. Paul is beckoning you and me to move beyond what is common and enjoy the inexplicable beauty and wonder of Jesus.

People can make whatever excuses they want and offer up their justifications for their disengagement, but the scriptures are clear. God intends for his children to passionately seek his strength and empowerment.

Yes, you're supposed to desire gifts from the overflow of God's love; supernatural enablements that strengthen you and help you fulfill your responsibilities. As you follow the way of love, you should also covet the extraordinary graces.

This may sound crazy, but this incredible love on one side and the supernatural empowerment on the other are actually interconnected. This isn't just my enthusiasm talking; the Lord wants you to walk this out in real life.

So, in your ongoing pursuit of love, don't neglect the spiritual gifts. They work together more closely than anyone truly realizes.

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Apr 25


Awesome you share this now...over the last week or so I've been sharing how i believe 1 Cor 14:1 has been twisted.

The first phrase "Follow after charity" or 'run after God's love' is to desire spiritual gifts. The running after is the desiring, and we know that what we desire when we pray, that you receive it and you get it...Mark 11:23-24. The operation of the gifts is our way of imparting God's love. Every good and perfect gift is from above! I believe these gifts, including the 9 manifestations are the Christians only way of imparting God's love. Pastors can quote scriptures, etc, but if the words are not riding on a spiritual wave, so to sa…


Apr 25

Now I couldn’t agree more. Well done.

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