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The Surprising Way a Revival Began—You Really Need to Hear This One

Updated: Feb 9

Sixteen-Year-Old Florrie Evans

There is power in a simple, heart-felt testimony. A story from a little over a century ago illustrates this truth.

On one unassuming Sunday in 1904, Joesph Jenkins, a pastor from New Quay, Cardiganshire in the nation of Wales, organized a prayer meeting for youth in his church. As the gathering began, he asked for testimonies of faith in Christ. Only a handful were willing to respond. Several wanted to discuss other things, but Pastor Jenkins kept trying to bring them back to the Lord.

This tug-of-war continued and Jenkins grew frustrated. He wanted more than anything for the youth in his church to be changed—awakened to the goodness and glory of Jesus. Yet, they were distracted by other things.

Finally, in the tension-filled room, Florrie Evans, a teenager and recent convert, spoke with a tremor in her voice: “If no one else will, then I must say that I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart.”

This is the room, with the original furnishings, where Florrie Evans stood up and said, "I love Jesus with all my heart."

Her testimony melted the hearts of all who had gathered. Many began to weep and cry out to God. The atmosphere of that meeting hall shifted. In a single moment of time, a glorious revival erupted.

Reflecting on Florrie’s testimony, journalist W. T. Stead would later write,

“The pathos and passion of the avowal acted like an electric shock upon the congregation. One after another rose and made the full surrender and the news spread like wildfire from place to place, that the revival had broken out, and that souls were being ingathered to the Lord.”

An unassuming sixteen year old helped spark the Welsh Revival of 1904-1905! Later on, Evan Roberts and others would carry the flames across Wales and into other parts of Europe. Yet, the fervor began with the simple declaration of a teenager.

Christians often make things too complicated. The world can still be changed by the simple, heartfelt testimony of one who is in love with Jesus.


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